Added value and applications from the Bike2CAV project

Traffic Light for Bikers

Bike2CAV anticipated
added value

  • New C-ITS services for cyclists
  • New C-ITS services for VRUs at intersections
  • Improved detection of VRUs thanks to CAVs
  • Evaluation of risks at intersections

Expected uses for cyclists

  • Reduction in collisions thanks to warning systems
  • Reduction in collisions through CAVs providing more consistent awareness of the presence of cyclists
  • Confirmation that CAV can recognise cyclists in 99.9% of cases

Expected applications for public administration / infrastructure operators

  • Tools for evaluating intersections in terms of risk exposure, allowing a basis to be established for targeted action to improve safety in risk zones.
  • Evidence of the effectiveness of C-ITS services for cyclists in reducing collision risk.
  • The identification of potential safety feature equipment for bicycles.

Expected applications for producers of CAVs / driver assistance systems

  • Improved detection rates of cyclists thanks to better environmental perception or cooperative detection in challenging driving situations.
  • Quicker reactions to collision risks
  • Lower rate of false warnings

Expected uses for society and the environment: environmental and ethical benefits

  • Reduction in the economic burden of healthcare and rehabilitation costs incurred through cycling accidents thanks to increased road safety (for example, through collision avoidance).
  • Reduction in exposure to physical danger, rendering everyday cycling more attractive.
  • Support for citywide, national, and EU level efforts to increase the share of bicycle traffic on roads, thereby reducing emissions and yielding environmental and health benefits.
  • Ethical questions regarding personal data protection will be addressed within the framework of a data management system.