Project innovations

Technological developments in the area of vehicle communications (ITS-G5, C-V2X) provide the basis for solutions to achieve cooperative detection and the avoidance of collisions. These solutions not only recognise the presence of vulnerable road users, but include them actively in collision avoidance approaches. To date, VRU methods for the cooperative detection of collision risks have only been investigated in simulations. Furthermore, new technological capabilities exist in the areas of environmental perception, bicycle sensors, vehicle-to-everything communication, as well as in the detection of collision risks. What is lacking is a proof-of-concept prototype for the validation of methods using real-world data. Bike2CAV aims to address this gap

  • By using an integrated proof-of-concept prototype for the cooperative detection of collision risks
  • By developing and evaluating non-distracting warning concepts.

Firstly, a proof-of-concept prototype (TRL4) using the ETSI specification TS 103 300 service for VRUs will be built and tested in controlled experiments with real-world data.