Project goals

Using an integrated proof-of-concept prototype and real-world data, the Bike2CAV aims to validate methods for applying the cooperative detection of collision risks and non-distracting warning systems to benefit cyclists. The scientific investigation involves the entire process chain.

The goals of Bike2CAV are as follows:

  • Goal 1 (Z1) is the validation of methods for improving the environmental perception and the detection of cyclist intentions.
  • Goal 2 (Z2) is the development and validation of tools for the cooperative detection of collision risks.
  • Goal 3 (Z3) involves a co-creation process with the Bike Citizens community to develop and validate methods for warning cyclists of collision risks.
  • Goal 4 (Z4) sees the methods developed and validated in goals 1-3 combined for the first time in a proof-of-concept prototype. These will then be tested in selected real-world scenarios within the framework of a controlled experiment.
Bike2CAV Grafik